Sustainable Efforts

Protecting Our Earth…Every Project Encompasses Environmental, Sustainable Goals

From its inception, Benchmark has taken the lead on environmental, sustainable efforts in the building community for both residential and commercial projects.

The team regards this approach not as a trend, but as a requirement for all planning and building. Our principal, Mark Anderson, is an innovator in geothermal heating and cooling. Our Project Manager and LEED AP (Accredited Professional) Jeff Good researches new projects to follow environmental guidelines, and conducts rigorous energy audits on existing buildings to help clients save both energy and money through carefully planned renovation projects.

This has translated to a company-wide commitment to minimizing our “footprint,” saving energy and thinking creatively to protect our environment, resulting in many groundbreaking sustainable initiatives.

Benchmark General Contractors supports the Florida Economic Council whose mission is to restore, preserve and better maintain Florida's inland and coastal waterways in order to support a strong and vibrant tourism-based economy.