About Us

Experience, Expertise, & Outstanding Listening Skills

Years of experience tell only a small part of the Benchmark story. Each member of our team of professionals takes immense pride in his or her work, believing in continuous improvement and continuing education. We share a passion for getting to know each and every client, and ensuring that we exceed all of their expectations while staying within their budget. This unique blend of expertise, dedication and enthusiasm has set the standard in the Southwest Florida building industry, enabling us to provide you with “the best of Benchmark.”

Benchmark- Inspiring the World Since 1984

We know what it takes to build unique residential and commercial properties following a standard of excellence that owners and developers expect from us. Our team is inspiring all of Southwest Florida by pushing the front edge and setting a Benchmark with every project since 1984. 

We strive to flawlessly complete complex projects starting from quality planning to coordinating budget, harmonizing your goals with our vision, and enabling disciplined execution of every plan.

Benchmark General Contractors supports the Florida Economic Council whose mission is to restore, preserve and better maintain Florida's inland and coastal waterways in order to support a strong and vibrant tourism-based economy.

Meet Our Team

Benchmark President

Brad Nickel President


Mark Anderson Executive Vice President


Art Shuller Project Manager


Jeff Good Project Manager


Brian Wood Project Manager


Danielle Carpenter Project Manager


Zack D’Aquisto Superintendent


Aaron Kirkman Superintendent


Felipe Amaya Superintendent

Leo Windler Comptroller

Josephine Manos Project Administrator